Not user friendly: New password means changed token_auth

(Bernhard) #1

I found out, that by changing the password for PIWIK the token_auth is changing as well.
This seems to be not a bug, but a feature of PIWIK.
But this behaviour is very uncomfortable, if you have a lot of websites (e.g. WordPress-Multisite installation), which are connected with PIWIK, becouse you have to change the token_auth for each website immediatly after changing the password.
Is there a possibility to disconnect the token-auth from the password setting?
Thanks for helping

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(Tassoman) #2

You could write your custom authentication plugin but I would better suggest you using an api/token related user who can view all the websites statistics.

For example in my installation i have api-client user also.

(Bernhard) #3

Hi tassoman, thanks for answering!
I´m using the WordPress-Plugin WP-Piwik to connect the websites with my PIWIK-Installation.
How could I solve this with WP-PIWIK?
Thanks for helping!

(Tassoman) #4

If I can understand your situation you could:

  1. Login inside your Piwik Web Administration interface
  2. Create a new user called api-client with a strong password you can remember and give it view all-websites privilege
  3. Then copy its token_auth code
  4. Login inside all your Wordpress using Piwik as administrator
  5. visit WP-Piwik plugin settings page as administrator and replace the wrong token_auth with the new one taken by api-client 's

If you want to full automate WP-Piwik integration including Piwik’s website profile creation, api-client must be a superadmin inside Piwik. I don’t suggest so because of too much privileges.