Not tracking visitors through subdomain or redirects

I have host space on webhost000 and have my own domain. Matomo is tracking only visitors that are accessing the website at the but not the ones that access the website through

In the matomo website I have setup mysite DOT com. What am I missing?


Open your Browsers developer tools on and check the console for errors. Also check if the requests to the matomo.js and matomo.php are working in the network tab and there is no adblocker or something like this blocking the request

Thank you for the suggestions. The console doesn’t show any errors, I also don’t see matomo.js or matomo.php in the network tab. However, if I access the site through th, then everything works and matomo.js/php show up.

I then tried another test, if I access mysite using https then matomo works. Matomo works also when I access via http. So it doesn’t seem that https is the only issue. I don’t really need https so I don’t want to activate it just for Matomo.
Is there any solution?

Thank you!

You do want HTTPS unless you are okay with your vistitor data (and your Matomo admin password) travelling unencrypted over the internet, which might not be legal depending on your local privacy laws.
And with Let’s Encrypt there is no excuse left.

If you want to, you can send me the URL as a private message and I could take a look at it.

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I didn’t know about free certificates, that sounds nice. But it’s still puzzling why Matomo works without https on the hosting domain.

I can’t find anywhere the send private message menu, is it disabled for new users? Would you mind sending me a PM so I can reply?