Not tracking pages and events but still tracking visits

We are currently using an old version of Piwik. Our Piwik instance has suddenly stopped tracking pages and events but is still tracking visits and goals. Does anyone know why this would start happening? Thanks

Hi there,
Well, do you have the website url to provide us?

Hi Ronan,

The URL of a website we’re tracking or the URL of the Piwik instance?

the url of your website.

ok, this is strange, because your request is sent fine:{"1"%3A["VisitorStatus"%2C"NotSignedIn"]%2C"2"%3A["CompanyStatus"%2C"NotAuthorised"]}&gt_ms=57

are you really looking at idsite 2?

Yes. In fact it’s affected all idsites on that Piwik server. Can it be anything to lack of resources/space on our server. We do have a big issue with performance of the server and we are looking
to upgrade to Matomo on AWS. I don’t have access to the database so I’m not sure whether the visits are being recorded correctly in the database and just not being shown within the GUI. Could this be a possibility?


If the archive script failed to run correctly, could this cause certain metrics such as events and pages not to be displayed in the Piwik dashboard? The archive script failed the day the issue started but has run successfully since.

If the archive script is not running, well, you should see the events and pages within the visit log report but not within the standard report. That could be an easy way to check.

The events and pages are not showing anywhere, not in the visit log report or the real time widget. They just show goals.

oh that’s not good then, visit log is the most important one. Though, I don’t understand why goals are recorded then, probably one tracker broke and another one (the one of goals) is still on. Honestly it is hard to say something without seeing it, I am sorry.

Thanks Ronan, I really appreciate you helping me. I’ve been using Piwik since 2012 and it’s the first time I’ve seen this error. I’m out of the office for the rest of this week but if I could give
you a call next week, that would be really good and much appreciated.



High chances that the database is a bit too big, but let’s see.

That is definitely the case.
The Piwik database is tracking and storing millions of unique URLs from one of our high volume websites which has seriously affected the performance of the Piwik application.
We are unable to segment the data, run API calls, some days Piwik is unable to record any visits resulting in gaps in our data and sometimes we cannot even access the application at all. I
don’t have access to the server and database so I can’t check and do any investigative work.
And unfortunately our IT Support and Database team do not support the application so when things go wrong, I have to try and sort it out. Due to these issues and the importance of digital
analytics to our organisation it has been agreed that we will upgrade to Matomo and our IT teams will set this up on AWS. They will then support the application going forward. But in the meantime, I need to get Piwik working correctly as I can’t do my job!
So your help is invaluable.