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I started using Piwik today, actually I use the old PHP-Stats witch is great but not updated and after see Piwik I want to make a change.

So, i have both scripts working for the same URL, and PHP-Stats is tracking more visits than Piwik do. I mean Piwik is missing not only direct traffic, but also searh traffic and referer traffic.

If my PHP-Stats have now 10 visits, Piwik has only 2. Whats wrong here? I’m using Wordpress and put the tracking code just before on the footer template.

Also cheked another post forums that sugest to change the file piwik.js for the newer one on the without no succes.

Help please!


is really frustrating, no tracking at all. I checked everything, my host is precisely arvixe, sponsor of piwik. I checked the mysql user to have all rights to the database, nothing wrong. I re installed piwik 2 times and get no results.

Please help.

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Check this FAQ Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Well, the faq give me no solution, since the problem was none of them. So, if anyone is having the same problem, I desactivated GeoIP and Piwik start counting like a charm. Nice stats sytem even with this litle fault.

Thansk anyway for your help :wink:

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Any solution for this? I experienced the same problem.

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Nevermind, this thread seemed to work. Thanks