Not tracking all conversions

I am having a problem, we are only getting about 20% of our conversions to register in the track goals. I am using the manual goal with the js script, but only about 20% are being recorded. any ideas? I would also like to use the ecommerce tracking, but no matter what I do it doesn’t seem to log the conversions. here is an example of my script. Please give me an example if this looks incorrect.


<!-- Piwik --> 

piwikTracker.addEcommerceItem(1, );

does not look correct.

It should be: piwikTracker.addEcommerceItem(1 );

without the comma.

piwikTracker.trackEcommerceOrder(<? echo $last_order_id; ?>, <? echo $amount;?>winking smiley;

is last_order_id a numeric all the time? If it’s a string with letters you could set:
piwikTracker.trackEcommerceOrder("<? echo $last_order_id; ?>", <? echo $amount;?>winking smiley;


Thank you so much, it looks like it is now counting the ecommerce orders. I will post back if we have any issues.

Thanks Again