Not showing visit anymore

I have been using Matomo for a few years now and have never really had a issue I could not resolve on my own… But am now stumped
I accidentally messed up my working version.So i thought I would just started again as I have done before… I reinstalled using my hosting auto install, installed the tracking code on my site as I have done before and absolutely no visits can be seen, even I tried to get it to show my visits… So I thought maybe the auto install was messed up and installed a downloaded copy but have ended up with the same result… I’ve even installed it on a different domain name… I have tried lowering the PHP as it it happened I had gone from 7.1 to 7.4 , but still not showing any tracking… The website is a Thirty Bees site (fork of prestashop… I’ve placed the tracking code in the footer as I have always had

What sort of info could be helpful in finding out what is happening