Not showing data in dashboard. Am I doing something wrong?

Hello. Let’s say I have a domain abc[dot]com and I want to track that. I am using django for backend. And in cpanel, even in django, we can open files located in public_html (cpanel) without any configuration.

Now my question is, can I track abc[dot]com while matoma is installed in abc[dot]com/web ?

The problem now is, even after adding javascript file to head in base template file, visitors data are not showing up.

My domain:

PS: Since django have inbuilt url conf, allscoremeter[dot]com/spy only will throw 404.


It doesn’t matter what your Website is built in, as long as you can set up Matomo and PHP on any server and your visitors can access the URL Matomo uses, everything should work.

You could for example use a subdomain for Matomo and configure your webserver to redirect the subdomain to Matomo/PHP and the main domain to django.

You site seems to be correctly sending data to Matomo, even though it is quite slow. Can you see any data in the visitor log? (check the date selector)

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Thank you. It seems slow. Now I can see analytics data in dashboard.