Not getting the real ip and location

Hello I’m new to PIWIk. I’m having trouble to get real IP addresses to visitors. I know my friend entered in my site since was near. But the location is given that he is in USA using chrome … where he is in Malta and was using Firefox. Why is this happening?

Did you enable Geolocation after installing the MaxMind Geolocation database? If Geolocation isn’t enabled, Piwik defaults to using the language setting of the browser. In your case, the browser is probably set to US English, thus causing Piwik to assume the browser location to be “USA”. If the browser’s preferred language were set to Italian, Piwik would be reporting “Italy”.

I can’t tell you why Piwik is reporting that your friend was using Chrome instead of Firefox.

Yes Geolocation database is installed. In fact is giving my Ip that is in USA and I’m in Europe. The language is english.