Not finding matomo.js

I have had nothing but problems installing Matomo. I’m wondering if I should try to do it over from the beginning.
I’ve been doing some work with one of the pages on my website where I’ve installed the matomo script in the head tag. In the console, I have an error telling me that the URL leading to matomo.js is invalid. During installation, as instructed, I uploaded all of the files received from Matomo to a folder called myDomain/Analytics at the hosting site. Now I am getting an error right off the bat telling me the URL myDomain/Analytics/matomo.js is not valid. I went into the file manager for InfinityFree where my website lives to the Analytics folder and there it is. So, I’m wondering how it is that the URL is invalid or the file cannot be found.

I suspect this is one of many issues causing the installation to have been a failure so I am going through it step by step. Any ideas out there? Perhaps this is a problem at InfinityFree rather than with Matomo as their script looks to be providing the correct URL.