Not chronologic logs


I’m using a log parser to input visits from few servers.
My problem is the logs are chronologic, because it takes different time to transfer them from one place to another.
I noticed that the order matters, because if I delete the numeric and blob tables and process the logs again, the numbers changes.

How can I minimize this problem ?
How bad is to input visits in that way ?


Import all your logs, then delete piwik_archive_* tables they will be -recreated from the full logs

here they talk about a reset option on archieve.php New optimized archive.php script for faster and optimized archiving when hundreds/thousands of websites · Issue #2327 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

I know some of my requests come 20 minutes later than the real time.

lets say I have a request from 12:00, it came on the server 12:20, bu the archieve.php run 12:00

will it help if I use reset 4000 (a little more than an hour) for a every hour archieve.php cronjob?

If requests only come 20minutes after real time, it should work mostly the same. But, it will work even better when we implement: Allow visits, pages and conversions (orders, cart updates) to be recorded for days in the past · Issue #2584 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub maybe ? Otherwise, just running the script as it should work OK.

You can also try

archive.php --force-all-periods=7200