Not all requests being logged

I have just been noticing that only a few of my page requests are showing up in the realtime visitors list even though the same piwik javascript is given. When I use chrome’s developer tools I see that piwik.js is mostly pulled from cache which is probably fine but piwik.php rarely shows up in the network list. Might I have something setup incorrectly?

Check you do not have do not track enabled?

The version of chrome I was running didn’t have that option, I restarted it as an update was pending and I have that option now, it is unchecked and I am still noticing the same issue.

Are you by chance adding the piwik code via an include on the pages that dont appear to track properly?

The piwik code is added automatically via an apache module to each html page before the tag, it should be the same on each page and I’ve verified it shows up in the html source

after rebooting the servers it seems like it is loading every time now, must have been something wrong serverside

I remember an older apache module that automated piwik code that way and it was buggy any way this is still the case? Can you try and add the code to the same main page via another route and see if that then helps?

It is a custom apache module and it may be buggy but I verified that it was putting the same javascript on all the pages I was visiting. The problem appears to be a load issue associated with several archive scripts running, I started a new thread for that problem