Not all Regio, City and Continent info is available

Hi all,

I have the following screenshot of a verry populair website which i want to see all city’s, regio’s and contintents.

Does anybody know how to get all these data and how it is possible that not all city’s and more are available?
Has this something to do with the GeoIP City databases?

Can I regenerate the data so that all the data is available?

Thank you for making time for this post!

Best regards,
Stefan van den Eertwegh

Yes this is related to the GeoIP databases, see: Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Alright, lets say i bought the commercial GeoIP2 City database.

How do i regenerate the data in piwik so that al the Unknown data is visible?

There was a script that once did the job, and it is still there, just now un-documented as we are not sure if it still works. It would be nice to make it a re-usable tool.

Here it is: matomo/geoipUpdateRows.php at master · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

You can run it in SSH / shell . hope it works!

Hi Matt,

Thank you for you’re post.
I ran misc/others/geoipUpdateRows.php and also did ./console core:archive --url=

But the problem is, when i look at the Location & Provider tab in Piwik, than i see 300 unknown regions…

How could this be possible?

I have the City and Organisation database premium from maxmind in Piwik working.
The City database must have also Region, Country et cetera if not?


Not sure what is the problem, has the script worked and set the location data for most of your visitors?

Yes, i ran geoipUpdateRows.php and it worked good. See the screenshot i attached