Not all goals tracked

Hi all,

we track sign ups as Piwik goals at our website apiOmat. Mostly, this works pretty good, but on some days we miss about 30% of all signups in Piwik.

The site which sends the goals is a GWT app, using the async tracker and triggering the goals with javascript like

_paq.push([ 'trackGoal', id ]);

The requests do not even appear in the database. Between the signups there is a time span for about 30min to several hours.

Anybody an idea where I can figure out what is happening?

I don’t know, it should work as expected… is there any other special things in your setup?

I don’t think so. In my optinion, the gap must be occure because of client-side ad blockers or stuff like that.

Also check that Do Not Track is disabled as it may block a few users?

I disabled that plugin from the very first day on.