Not all goals are tracked

Are there any errors in the tracking code that cause some conversions to not be recorded?
by chance I found out that yesterday’s order was not entered. but I see the log of the user who made it. at the end of the log I see the loading of the thank you page after completing the purchase. But I can’t see the ordered goods anymore. So I think the visitor was tracked correctly, but the conversion code has an error. Interestingly, he made the order from a mobile phone and a non-standard samsung browser 20.0
Maybe this browser is different.

My converrsion tracking code in BODY:

{{# items }} 
  "{{ product_sku }}",
  "{{ product_name }}",
  "{{ category_name }}",
  {{ product_final_price }},
  {{ product_quantity }}
{{/ items }}
  "{{ order_number }}", 
  {{ order_total_rounded }},
  {{ order_subtotal }},
  {{ order_tax }},
  {{ order_shipment }},
  {{ order_discount }}

work bad… without products in cart

work well
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Hi @marvays
Can you check the Matomo requests log (in Apache) and see the requests for these visits?