Not able login in Piwik

I am using piwik where I need to authenticate myself from authentication server and then I got redirected to piwik analytics.
It was working fine but from last few days I am not able to login into the piwik analytics.
Authentication server has authenticated me but while redirection i am receiving the error message that “the web application you are attempting to access is unable to satisfy your request.”

I do not have access to logs of authentication server. But as far as i know this happens when either service is down or it has malfunctioned. I am receiving response of the ping from piwik server but not sure if the server is working fine or not.

Any help is really appreciated. Thanks i advance.


Without more information about what your authentication server is, it’s quite hard to find out what the issue is.

Are you using:

  • the SAML premium plugin
  • the LDAP plugin
  • something self-build using the old MD5 trick