Nonce Validation Failed


I’m trying to use DB session handling using DbTable behing a proxy. Login always failed.

Reviewing the code, the function verifyNonce always return false.

I found that the Session Namespace always return the nonce empty on this line:
$ns = new Piwik_Sesion_Namespace($id);
$nonce = $ns->nonce <-- $nonce is empty

In other hand, session information is being stored in Database, but in some cases the data field is blank. I attached an image.

[attachment 1356 Sesiontable.PNG]

The tracking data is stored right in Database, so is not a DB connection issue.

I also clear file session cache.

Do you have any clue on what is going wrong?


Nonce validation requires the cookies to be set. Are the cookies headers properly set / forwarded? do you use varnish or some other proxy?

It seems that an old cookie was used.

I delete all cookies and it is working.