Non-existent page clocking up hits - IIMK Backwaters


My first post…

I’ve been running Piwik on my site for a few months now and I’ve noticed that a page that doesn’t exist is reporting hits:

Page Name | Pageviews | Unique Pageviews | Bounce Rate | Avg. time on page | Exit rate
IIMK Backwaters | 1674 | 1322 | 87% | 1 min 6s | 100%

I’ve downloaded the files from my server to check them out and looked up IIMK Backwaters which seems to be some kind of business school in India.

Has anyone got an explanation for this?

in the “Visitors > Visitor log” do you see the requests? what URL do they have? maybe the other website has copied your code into their website? in which case you could contact them and ask to remove your code.

They mostly show referers as Direct Entry and some from Google and one or two from an iframe on a site

e.g. Mon 1 Oct - 11:44:22 | Direct Entry |

IPs are from a variety of different IP addresses and countries.

Presumably you mean they might have copied my Piwik tracking code onto their site somehow. I’ve tried looking for it but came up empty, however, it looks like they use a lot of JS and 3rd party web services on their pages.