No Year Data

(cableghost) #1

This is a bit weird…I have a site I’m tracking whereby I can see Day statistics, however, when I select Year statistics, all tables go blank ‘No data for this table.’ This only occurs on one of my sites.

What might be the issue?


(Linda) #2

I have this same problem. I have data in the day view. But for the Year view all the tables on the Dashboard say “No data for this table.” The detail for Search Engines and Keywords also gives “No data for this table.” But the Visitor Log shows data and I can see Keywords and Search Engines in the Referrer fields. Why don’t the other tables display any data?

(Linda) #3

Today, it seems to be working. ??? I didn’t change anything. Maybe just a glitch in the server last night. But I tried several times.

(cableghost) #4

I should have posted earlier…

It started working for me as well, although, it wasn’t for a few days.