No World Map in IE8 but shows on demo site


I have v1.5.1 installed. All things appear to work fine except the world map flash widget - it just does not show the map. I’ve tried all suggestions on this forum. It works on your demo site without any problems so I expect it to be localised. Firefox does not show the map either.

Previously the Sparkline graphs did not show. This was fixed by turning on an extension in the php.ini file ‘extension=php_gd2.dll’ - it was remarked out. I thought the world map issue would be something similar. However, even with all extensions turned on; No joy.

The widget reads: Loading data…

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks W

I have v1.5.1 installed. IE9 is working good. go ahead and update your browser to IE9.

Get rid of IE and use a real web browser that cares about standards.

Footnote: IE9 is only available for Windows 7, just in case you’re running XP

Thank you for the suggestions. However replacing the browser is not an option. As the map works on the demo site I believe it is localised to the installation of Piwik itself - I just need that ‘nugget’ of information to point me in the right direction. This is running on an IIS server - perhaps that has an impact??

re-upload PiwikMap.swf in binary mode

Thanks Anthon.

Can you ellaborate on how I achieve this please?


see how to upload binary mode via FTP? | Yahoo Answers

Thanks for the guidance, however my flash map is still not showing. i suspect this may have something to do with IIS6.

Does Pwiki and Flash work with IIS6?


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