No weekly email report

I still get no weekly email report!
A daily report works…(also test emails - therefore the email settings are correct).

Any ideas?

I’m facing the same problem, I receive daily reports but no weekly (and possibly monthly) reports. I have not set-up automatic archiving.

How about you ? Did you set-up How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo ?

There is a post concerning Piwik 1.4 in which weekly reports are correctly sent 301 Moved Permanently

according to the dev team a cronjob is not necessary to generate and receive an email-report…
Since a trigger is mandatory I guess it will be triggered by a visitor access (tracking script…)

Anyway: it works with a daily report, doesn’t it? Therefore it should work with a weekly one, too!

Do you confirm you have not set-up How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo ?

yes, currently I don’t have a cronjob!

But I get the same result when I configure one…

@JulienM: in which format do you generate the report, as PDF or HTML?
and how do you send it? via (standard) PHP Mailer or via a (configured) SMTP-Server?
Have you tried the different opportunities?
So far I checked both formats HTML & PDF.
And both the PHP Mailer & the SMTP setting - but only for the daily test.
I don’t check the SMTP option with the weekly report.

I know, it’s a pain to test because we always have to wait a week for the results :frowning:

@dev team: any comments form your side? where to look further? logs? db entries?

HTML via Gmail SMTP

Piwik 1.5 will come soon - let’s have a new shot then :slight_smile:

See 301 Moved Permanently for 1.5 RC

Hi Piwik-Team,

no news regarding our issue above?!

No weekly reports so far…

Again: is there any point I can check? Something like a log?

Do you still have the bug after moving to 1.5 RC? 301 Moved Permanently

not yet. I wait for the 1.5 final…
I’ll give you a feedback then.

I can confirm now: it also happens with 1.5! :frowning:

If you look at your error logs, do you see any error there?

where can I see them?