No website was found in this Matomo installation


I have been using the WordPress plugin on our WordPress multisite build and we are now getting an error for any new sites. Anyone know what it might be? The plugin in is not network enabled, it is tuned on site by site.

Error: no website was found in this Matomo installation.

Check the table ‘wp_30_matomo_site’ in your database, it should contain your Matomo websites.

Hi @johnpendleton sorry about that problem. Is this happening for all sites in your multisite installation? Did you install the plugin recently or was it working before?

Could you maybe post the output of your system report here see ? The output should be anonymised automatically.

It may also help going to “Matomo Analytics -> Diagnostics -> Troubleshooting” and click on the “Sync Site(s)” button and check if it works afterwards maybe or if an error shows up? You will want to try this for the sites where you get this error message.

Hey Thomas,

Thank you for getting back to me, let me forward this to my work email and see what I can get for you in the way of a report out. I will try to sync the site as well.

BTW the plugin has been installed for a while and it has just started happening on any new site. it still works on the old sites. Do I need to update the plugin?

Hey @johnpendleton An update shouldn’t be needed. Let me know if the “site sync” does something.

Hey Thomas nothing happend,

OK thanks for this @johnpendleton . Any chance you could post the system report?

Hey I will try again, I will zip it up and attach it to the reply, hang on.

Hey Thomas, your system keeps telling me that I am a new user and I can only include two links in my reply. Can you make it so I can post more than two links? I guess your system report has a lot of links in it.

Hi @johnpendleton,

Sorry, the forum by default limits the amount of links in a post by new users to avoid most spam. I have now manually updated your user.