No visits being tracked



I’ve used Piwik for years and never had an issue.

I have installed it on this site, and it isn’t tracking any visits and I’m not sure why.

Hoping someone might be able to shed some light.


EDIT: I’m guessing it’s due to the https and have contacted my hosting provider.

Many thanks


I have no tracking after update too.
Tracked site is: xxx
Tracking site: xxx
I have no visits recorded 2 days…
Can You help me?
Big thank You


Using Piwik 2.11.1 I am also having similar issue…no visits recorded since Sunday 22 Feb.


I’m only having the issue on my site using SSL and according to my hosting provider, I would need to install an SSL certificate on the domain that hosts Piwik to be able to track the visits from that site.


Thx for replies.
I have both https ssl certs installed correctly for each site.

So, what can we try to do? I updated tracking code on site, if its not old. But, no change.
One way can be to downgrade, but database was updated, so can I go and downgrade piwik to older one that worked fine?


I also used fresh copy of the relevant tracking code but this did not solve the problem for me? Not sure if downgrading to an earlier Piwik might just end up making any issue even worse given the database changes in 2.11.1.

Just checked that the Piwik tracking code is placed correctly before the tag in the “footer” on all pages using a joomla plugin and all ok:

Piwik Admin System Check all passed ok with green ticks




I can confirm the problem.
Piwik is hosted on IIS 8.5 in an intranet to track the visits on some intranet portal pages.

It runs under http and https and has a valid certificate.

I made the update from 2.10.0 to 2.11.1 this morning, since then, no visits are tracked, but actions (see screenshot).


There is a major issue in the last 1 or 2 releases. Everyone on here is reporting different aspects of it. Visits are not being tracked correctly. Something has changed in the last couple releases. I see the different in my Activity Log very easily. Only some activity with most not being grouped by Custom Variables. I see many forum posts that could all be related. There is a big issue.

None of our reports for the last 9 days are valuable now. That is when I upgraded but don’t know from which version to which version.


So, some sort of help is needed from community or team. They want to spread piwik, but how can I spread it, when I havent any support, any help, if its needed.?


I opened an issue on GitHub: No visits being tracked · Issue #7306 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub
This is the place, where the Devs really are.

I’m sure a bugfix will come soon.


How could this make it through all of the processes? This basically kills the use of the product. They need to find out who did this and how the process broke to test it. Should be easy to find who and get them working on a fix asap. No usable stats for 9 days… and counting.


Good question.
But this problem seems not to affect all Piwik installation. The Demo Page of piwik still collects visits, while having the other big “visitors == unique vistors” issue.
We must have a special configuration… o_O


I do get Visits… == so maybe I am somewhat lucky.

However, since it thinks everyone is unique I lose any value to the Activity Log. What is more odd, about 5% is being recorded correctly in Activity Log. I use Custom Variables. I don’t know. I do know that I just got heat because 4 products just added Piwik and now the stats are not working.

I hope the bug fix will go back and clean up the past data? :slight_smile:


Im running on xxx and xxx. with xxx database.
I dont know where problem is…


Beside the installation on Windows, IIS 8.5 with PHP, which has the problem, I have a running installation on IIS 7.5 and Debian with nginx, which both do not have the problem. (But both have also the Unique Visitors problem).

Only an idea: Do your Piwik has an internet connection? Can it check the version and make a one click update?
My piwik installation with the issue is behind a proxy and doesn’t have internet access at the moment…


Direct internet access

(Matthieu Aubry) #17

Hi guys

First of all sorry for this issue - we try hard not to introduce bugs like this.

We cannot reproduce the bug so far, so please, we need you to

  • send by email to
  • the following information: website URL, Piwik URL, Piwik login + password
  • FTP or SSH information to the Piwik server files, so we can debug live on the server

As soon as we receive this info we will investigate and look for the solution. We want to get this fixed ASAP. As you can see it works for hundreds of users (besides the Unique==Visits bug) so we need your help to find what is the problem on your server.


email sent.
It took me a while to setup ftp server, because I havent it, nor use it :open_mouth: but its working well.
So, Piwik team, tell me, when you have all done, so I can close ftp on server. Or if you want new permission to write…
Nice day Korenisko

(Matthieu Aubry) #19

Hi Everyone

We still cannot reproduce the bug so far, so please, we need you to

  • send by email to or
  • the following information: website URL, Piwik URL, Piwik login + password
  • FTP or SSH information to the Piwik server files, so we can debug live on the server

Thank you in advance!

(Matthieu Aubry) #20

Maybe nobody cares about this bug so far, as we only got one user willing to help debug. if we don’t get more help unfortunately we may not be able to fix it for the next release :frowning:

Here is how you can help without sending full server access: add in your config/config.ini.php


then paste here a website being tracked in your website?