No visitors on Matomo 4.5 new install

I am running Apache 2.4.46. Installed GeoIp2 and the maxminddb extension which is installed fine (php -m confirms) But I cannot see any geo-location information.
I uploaded a bunch of old access logs, so ran
php ./console usercountry:attribute , as per the FAQ. That didn’t work, so thought I needed to re-process reports as per:
Now I have a bunch of tables like matomo_archive_numeric_
mysql> select * from matomo_archive_invalidations;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and would appreciate some help.
Thank you!

I should add that I didn’t enable mod_maxminddb on apache. My production Web servers run separately, I transfer the access logs to another VPS to examine them, so thought it wasn’t necessary. (is it?)

Well I figured out one thing.
php ./console usercountry:attribute 2020-01-01,2021-10-31
works, however it works on GMT! I had to bump the end date up a bit so it worked in my timezone. Now my visits logs display the city/country of the visitor. But the maps in Visitors → Locations are still blank…grrr

Location maps work for me now! Needed to run the following steps:

  1. Consume old logs via
  2. Invalidate reports using the plugin (don’t know if this was needed but seemed like it was part of the incantation…)
  3. Reprocess logs via php console core:archive
    Bada bing!
    Location maps showed up as expected.

I think your problem came initially from not having invalidated the data, as you finally did in step 2 of your 4th message…
If you don’t invalidate (report) data, Matomo considers it does not have to calculate them again. It only calculates the data of the current period (current day, current week, current month, current year…).

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