No traffic in the plugin

i’m new to the matomo plugin for wordpress
i’m using hostgator
for some reason i can’t see any traffic that i’ve made in a private window
i’ve tried to follow the manual of trouble shooting this but it was to technical and long for me
can you help me try to solve the problem?
and yes, i did enabled matomo like explained in the video from the website.



The easiest way to check if the tracking is working is opening your browser’s developer tools (F12) and check in the network tab if there is a request to matomo.php and matomo.js.

You also probably want to make sure your browser doesn’t send a DoNotTrack header in the private window.

thank you
after i had slowness with the hostgator loading times in my wordpress site i’ve switched to another hosting.
for some reason i can’t install matomo at all now and i get an error in hebrew
that says (the update failed)
i will check it later with the new host by contacting them…