No tracking in Multisite environment with SSL


I have a Multisite installation where the main url/site has NO SSL (e.g., but the domain of a subsite [= virtual domain via domain mapping] has an issued SSL certificate (e.g. by COMODO.

Piwik is installed on the same shared webhosting environment, so in this example on Unfortunately Piwik doesn’t get/receive data from the subsite (in this example, where it’s enabled as well.

The main url ( doesn’t have an SSL certificate (too expensive to buy another one and self issued one is no option in this case). (Piwik also doesn’t like self issued certificates, as I understood.)

So how can I solve this issue to track users on both(!) websites, also the one with SSL (


The tracking domain (in this case also needs an SSL certificate if you want to track an SSL website with it, since you cannot call a http-request within an https context. There are SSL certificates for less than 10$ a year, so there is not reason not to buy one (e.g. SSL Certificate Store - Trusted DV, EV, and OV SSLs -

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In addition to @mediaprowebs answer I want to add that let’s Encrypt is a good solution if an paid ssl certificate is too expensive.
Nowadays there should never be a reason to send userdata unencrypted over the Internet.

Thank you both. Matter solved. :slight_smile: