No tracking after update to 4.0.3

Hi there, after update to 4.0.3 I have more tracking hits in Matomo. We use regular integration. We did a rename of the piwik/matomo.php and js to p.php/js for blocking reasons. Rest ist standard. The given systems errors seems not to be critical. What to do. We deleted tmp files.


works now, we did a delete of the cache and checked file consistency

Hi @Olaf_Brenn,

I am facing the same issue.

How do you deleted the cache and checked file consistency?


Hi @Camps,

You can check the system check in the admin settings to find files that should not be there.

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I deleted the tmp and cache and deactivated the GEO IP plugin as this seems to require too much memory, I deactivated other plugins and removed unused plugins. Which step gave back the function is not clear.
You can try to activate debuging and check console output. Make sure entries are listed in database.