No tracking after server migration

earlier my piwik installation was on ixwebhosting, and it was working fine.
now i moved it to hostgator.
after migrating to hostgator, their was no tracking on any of my sites.
after serching i came to know about mod_securuty (Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo)

got whitelisted my domain from hostgator and

but still their is no tracking.
plz guide me on this issue.

its almost 2 days and yet no reply.

Start by checking folder permissions, check php.ini for memory settings, and you need to check error logs for more details around the errors.

After migration you must create the Website inside piwik…

Besides, you MUST re-edit piwik/config/config.ini.php with the new settings for your current server…

I’m sure, this topic should be already answered previously, but i think you are right, as i can not find a search feature…

Take special care with database settings where the tables are:

host = ""
username = "
password = ""
dbname = "
tables_prefix = “*************” //IF ANY
charset = “utf8”

I found the search feature… It’s in the starting page only :wink:

what should be the default file and folder permission for piwik installation

all my folders have 0755 and files have 0644 permission

and access to piwik/piwik.php produce 500 internel error.

500 errors ? check your server error logs for more info.

in error logs i t says
"piwik.php" is writeable by group"

please contact your web host or sysadmin to look into this error