No Stylesheet, wrong MIME-Type


I’m about to try to install PIWIK on a shared hosting server. Installation worked fine. No Problems so far.

But now, when i’m logged in no stylesheet is loaded. A look in the errorlog of Firefox shows that the stylesheet isn’t loaded because of a wrong MIME-Type. It says that the type is text/html and not text/css.

The next error in the log says that there’s a syntax error:

file: Piwik › Error

row: 5, column: 67

n(A,w){function ma(){if(!c.isReady){try{s.documentElement.doScroll("left" )}catch(a){setTimeout(ma,1);return}c.ready()}}function Qa(a,b){b.src?c.ajax({url:b.src,async:false,dataType:"script"}):c.globalEval(b.text||b.textContent||b.inner

Any ideas what’s going wrong?

Best regards from Germany


if you got text/html, an error occurred in the server before it set the content type to text/css

enter the url (?module=Proxy&action=getCss)in your address bar to see what it returned

probably a similar problem for getJs

Your host has safe_mode enabled. The ownership of the tmp folders don’t match up with the web server user, so you’re getting an error.

chown the directories, and disable safe mode.

Thanks, I think the Problem was the assert Folder. I user an old Installation Guide wurde this folder wasn’t named. So the Script created the Folder and the Save_Mode coused the Error.

Thank You,

Kind regards