No Stats for Peroid Month


i have a little problem.
My company is tracking a little more than 50 websites with Piwik.
Now we have come upon an error we don’t know how to handle.

With 1 (and only that one) website, the graph of the visits for the period ‘month’ is displaying 0 since January 2012.
The visits are tracked alright as i can see when i switch to a custom period of the very same month, but that isn’t the same as seeing the graph in a monthly period and by that the trend.

We tried to force a re-processing from the logs but that didn’t help.

Can anybody help?

Surprising indeed. Im not sure what the problem could be. Did you try to delete all records from piwik_archive_numeric_2012_01 and re-generate report from logs?

Indeed we did.
But unfortunately that did not solve the problem.

Reports again show 0 visits per month after jan 2012, while other periods of the same website work fine and all other websites and all other periods work fine.

And you see records in Visitor Log for days in this month?

if so pleas esend me an email with full bug description, phpmyadmin access, if possible ftp or ssh access and i will investigate, thanks

Any news on this?
I have a very similar problem.
best regards

No, i was hoping a future update might fix this problem, bus alas to no avail.

Since this week we decided to split the tracking of that particular website into diffrent id’s for each language, which should be a work around.

But we recently realised that another tracked website is now showing the same symptoms.

Month since July 2011 is showing no exactly 0, whereas the weeks in the very same period (e.g. Decembre 2011 28.11-04.12:14307, 05.12.-11.12:14396, 12.12.-18.12:14624, 19.12-25.12:13902, 26.12-01.01: 14662) show very proper tracking.

So the data is there… Just the monthly view is screwing up.