No stats after Upgrade 1.2.1 -> 1.3 problem

I did an upgrade from 1.2.1 to 1.3 and according PiWiK the upgrade was succesfull. But the PiWiK dashboard doesn’t show any statistics anymore…

What to do?


Same trouble here.

are the stats gone - or its just a view-issue?

are the stats gone - or its just a view-issue?[/quote]
The visitors log is ok so it’s a view-issue in my opinion… The widgets show nothing see attachment.

Did you try to clear the browser cache already? And maybe also the “tmp” directory in the piwik-folder?

no changes after empty both browser-cache and the tmp-folder…

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Please PM your piwik URL + login/password + bug description I will take a look

thanks for looking into this. i have sent you a PM.

rduijkeren your problem is different, since you don’t even see “There is no data in this report” so please PM your piwik URL + login/pwd + bug description to see what is wrong

I’ve had several problems after upgrade to 1.3. This post describes how I solved some of them: 301 Moved Permanently

Thnx Matt,

The upgrade from xampp 1.7.3a to 1.7.4 did the job (for me)… (so it was propably a php problem)

thank you so much Matt - and it was my fault.

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