No statistics in ecommerce

This is not resolved yet. First orders are coming through but aren’t registered by Matomo.

→ Matomo configuration (version, hosting, etc.), the tracking code, etc.

→ On the tracked ecommerce website. Track all requests during one conversion (and filter to keep only Matomo trackings)

ok, I have the latest Matomo (on premise) version 4.8.0 and there are no tracking errors diagnosticated.
In the console, there are no references to Matomo for the ecommerce, As if they are simply not connected. It could just be something missing in my settings… but what?

do you have any hit to your Matomo server? at least to Matomo scripts… (use the network tab of your devtool)

please speak less a dev language :wink: however, nothing related to Matomo in network tab.
You might want to check my shop page:

Sorry, I don’t visit external pages.
And sorry, you need a little dev knowledge (network, JavaScript) to set-up Matomo.
If you don’t see anything about Matomo in the network tab, it means you did not install Matomo scripts on your page.
The Matomo scripts are available in Administration>Measurables>Tracking code

I do have my tracking code installed (via the Wordpress plugin) otherwise it wouldn’t record visits as it currenlty does. The problem is on the e-commerce page. Is that a particular page that needs the script code on its own? I mean isn’t the plugin storing the script for every page already?

I have no knowledge on WordPress…
Is the e-commerce hosted by wordpress?
I suppose you see (in the network activity of your browser) the calls to Matomo for the page views. And no call to Matomo for e-commerce events. Is it the case?
Also, do you use woocommerce Matomo premium feature?

The ecommerce is a plugin of Wordprress.
I’m not using that Matomo-Woo add-on for a reason: if I don’t see the default version fetching basic stats, I wonder why the Premium version should. :slight_smile:
In the network activity I don’t see any calls, only within Matomo dashboard I can see the page views. Yet, the views for the ecommerce page are not there. I don’t expect order’s stats (it would need the afore mentioned add-on) but at least the number of visits.

Or maybe, that section in Matomo is just a placeholder for when one buys the add-on?

I don’t think so…
Is your e-commerce part of WP? or is it hosted on another place?

Yes ecommerce is part of WP (namely Woocommerce plugin) and just a page, not a subdomain.

I have read several thread of people having e-commerce not tracking. So I’m returning to the main Matomo help, where it says (par. 2) that Wordpress sites should do nothing, but also that on creating a new website there is an option to select “Ecommerce enabled”. I have re-checked and it’s enabled. Then there is this note: If you are using Matomo On-Premise with your WordPress site, you can track your WooCommerce orders with the Matomo WooCommerce Analytics plugin instead.
So it really sounds like a contradiction, or that the mentioned plugin is mandatory. Or what?

@innocraft, do you have an answer to Criss question?

Hi @Criss ,

Enabling ECommerce feature just gives Matomo the ability to track the ECommerce data and build appropriate reports, however enabling does not mean that it is going to track all the ECommerce data automatically, as the ECommerce data needs to sent to Matomo, it can either be done by integrating the platform with the appropriate plugins or by server side tracking which needs manual work from your end. Please review the detailed guide about ECommerce tracking in Matomo, which covers all the topics needed

thank you but you are addressing me to the page I already addressed you.
I think it’s more honest to say “yes, in order to get ecommerce statistics one must purchase the Woocommerce addon”. It should be a statement in Matomo as it would create less expectations.

Hi @Criss ,
WooCommerce Analytics plugin is needed to track ECommerce data when your site is built using WP-WooCommerce. If you’re using other platforms there are other plugins which can be downloaded for free from It is also possible to track ECommerce data manually, but it may need some coding from your end

So it’s confirmed: ecommerce needs a paid add-on! :nauseated_face:
Please update Matomo documentation on the topic putting a statement in bold: “To enable ecommerce statistics for sites using Wordpress you must purchase Woocommerce Analytics add-on”.
Thank you

That’s not totally true: If you own the WP hosting, if you have access to the WP source code, you can add ecommerce tracking without paid plugin…

…Sure that might be the case, but I have read your coding guide and it doesn’t really help because it gives only examples applied to single tasks. Maybe you guys should amend that and make it a little more of a tutorial :upside_down_face:

Maybe you can create an issue about documentation at: