No results after upgrade to 2.16

i just upgraded to 2.16 and all of a sudden i do not get visitor results. see graph:

my archive jobs are setup the same and did not change (not sure if anything was supposed to:

i even tried to run the archving manually here:

How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo via comman line and it runs fine without any error but yet i still dont see this updating. what is wrong?

acutally i now see when i run it manually it is working but i dont understand why the scheduled task which was running this before through all other updated versions all of a sudden stopped working. where would i even begin to look?

there’s the piwik.log file inside tmp/logs

If informations are not enough, raise the loggin level by editing

i do not see any files in /tmp/logs
i went to and dont see anything mentioned about logs or logging level.

where can i get more information about this?

also, when the archive starts to run what logging level do i need to put it on so errors will output in there?

Sorry for misunderstanding but I didn’t mean /tmp on the root, but tmp directory under piwik’s root.
BTW there’s a Faq on logging How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

here is the link to my log. can anyone tell me what the problem may be with the errors? does it appear any sites are processing correctly?

Could you please check if you had the plugin “Transitions” activated? For me this solved my problems I had on one of my piwik instances.