No reports and visitors in realtime after update 1.4 to 1,71


Since my update 1.4 to 1,71 no “visitor in realtime” and “reports” are shown.
I have gone back to 1.4, because an earlier update failed, because of the
PHP Version in the past.

After updating to a new server and PHP version, I have tried updating again
and it seems 1.5-b1.php was not executed. I get a lot of error messages and
added the database updates manually. Seems I forgot a step.

Can you please help me.

Attached a screen shot of the widget “visitor in realtime”,
instead of country, IP and keyword, there is ony a character ‘e’ or ‘S’ it linked
to or

Best regards and thank you very much in advance for your help.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

update to latest 1.7.2 and this bug is fixed. make sure you delete your browser cache and all files in piwik/tmp/*