No relation to the last 4 days?


derière week, I installed piwik to get statistics of visits to my site developed with Joomla and it worked properly.

But since last Monday, I do not recover any more information about visits. the number of visits in Piwik remains desperately to 0, while Google Analytics shows many visits.

Can you help me find the cause of this problem and correct it?

Thank you in advance for your help


I’m having a similar problem. For some weeks now Piwik is only tracking very few visits (~10-40 visits/day, the months before I always had ~300-1000 visits/day; Google Analytics still gives me correct statistics).

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This is not expected. I’m not sure how to help, maybe post your website URL, or look at the piwik requests with FIREBUG in firefox?

I couldn’t find any irregularities regarding the HTTP-Requests. That is the website I’m having trouble with:

Indeed, I see the JS code is correct, and still I don’t see the Piwik Tracking request…

In Firebug when I execute piwikTracker.trackPageView(); it fails with piwikTracker not defined… which is probably that the exception was thrown in the try block in the JS tag.

Maybe it is some incompatibility with other scripts running. Can you try and put your Piwik JS Tracking code on top of the page (above OpenX in particular) ?

Thanks for your answer! Putting it on top of the page didn’t work, but it seems the piwik.js loads too late. If I put an “alert(err)” into the catch-block it tells me that “Piwik” is not defined. Manually adding the -code for piwik.js (instead of that document.write stuff) seems to work, because piwikTracker.trackPageView(); doesn’t give me any errors now.