No new visit reported by Piwik


I’ve been using Piwik on 3 web sites without any trouble.

Yesterday, I added a new web site and I can not see any visit on it.
However, I visited the site my self so my visits should have been reported (I’ve understood that Piwiki will report visits immediately).
This new website is created with WordPress so I used the WP-Piwik plugin (like for one the 3 previous web site). I’ve checked that the javascript code is printed in the web pages.

I visited the other WordPress web site previously registered in Piwik … and I can not see any changes on the visit counter !

Any idea of what could go wrong ?
Doesn’t Piwik report visits immediately ?



Can you check your browsers developer tools when you open your website: Are there any errors in the JS console or failed requests.

Do you use an adblocker or have enabled do-not-track so your visits are excluded?

Good call Lukas: indeed, looking at the JS Console, there’s an error !

My two web sites are using HTTPS when I am not using HTTPS but HTTP for Piwik as I have a certificate problem for Piwik (auto certified). I am going to switch Piwik to HTTPS !

Still it’s quite strange that it’s not possible to use Piwik like that … but I suppose the problem lies on WP-Piwik rather than on Piwik it self.

I will report the results of my fix.

Thanks for opening my eyes.


The issue comes from a fundamental principle of HTTPS: A secure page can never embed an insecure resource.
Therefor Piwik must use HTTPS if the tracked sites are using it.

Done and it’s working fine, now.