No more traffic with matomo

My matomo folder was in my domain. I use pageSeep so I moved matomo folder to a subdomain because pageSeep need to be disable with matomo . Pagespeed is not activated in the subdomain .
So a copied a new tracking code to my website
Now I have not traffic in matomo
Thank you


Can you check in your browsers developer tools if the request to matomo.php is still successful?

well, I’m not familiar with this How do I do it?


You can open your tracked website in your browser and press F12.

But it seems like you are linking to in the tracking code, which doesn’t exist.

So if you moved Matomo, you also need to adapt the var u="//"; line in the tracking code to the new URL

no, it is another site of me
it is this one

Okay, here the issue is a bit different:
The tracking code tries to load, but that site doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate, so browsers refuse to load it.

So you just need to set up SSL for the new subdomain (e.g. using Let’'s Encrypt).

yes it is this subdomain
ok I’m going to do it, I come back
thank you

yes it works now with SSL

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