No more data since 3 days

(sebigbos) #1


I use Piwik a while and never had a problem. From Juli 15 on I don´get any data, zero visitors and all wigdets say “no data”. I already checked the tracking codes and I did recopy the whole PIWIK directory. The database shows a lot of PIWIK stuff, but I cannot really read this…
I had in the last weeks some hacker problems, also concerning the pages tracked by PIWIK, but I thought I had resolved that…


(sebigbos) #2

I checked the database and it all looks fine, as far as I can say, but there is no data in the line “piwik_site_url”…?

(sebigbos) #3

…is there a possibility to get Piwik setting up the database new without deleting the data…?

(sebigbos) #4

the last entry in the table “piwik_log_visit” was on 14. July, the last day PIWIK displayed data, so where are no more recordings of visits in the database since that…

by the way: anybody with the same problem, PIWIK running perfectly for months and several upgrades und then no data from one day to the other?

(vipsoft) #5

PM your site URL.