No localization of cities, only countries, with GeoIP (php) properly installed


Dear forum,
I’m new at Piwik and installed it on a small website. Everything worked well except that I don’t get city data - though GeoIP (php) is properly installed visitors are only related to their country. I activated Anonymization with two bytes of the IP masked and use the anonymized IP also for reporting - as suggested for Germany.
I tried and looked for informations for hours but found no solution. Also I deinstalled everything and re-installed in newly - same problem.
Can anybody help me? Piwik version is 2.8.3.
Thank You very much for every kind of help!


Same problem for me, the only difference is that I haven’t activated user anonymization.


Yes, I can confirm what Rhodungeon says: When I deactivate Anonymization the problem is still there - though I tried all ideas I could find like deleting piwik_archive_* and executing geoIPUpdateRows…

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Did you configure Geo location? Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Hallo Matt,
thanks for dealing with my problem!
Yes, I configured it - I send You a snapshot how it looks [attachment 2022 Snapshot1_Forum.png] -
and on this page my address is resolved and I can see a city localization - it only doesn’t work with my website users on the dashboard (see [attachment 2023 Snapshot2_Forum.png]).
Do You have an idea what might be wrong? As I already mentioned, Anonymization with 2 bytes is active.

Thank You very much for any help…
Greetings from Bavaria (not exactly Raisting, but in about 40 km distance from it…)

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can you try something? in Settings > Privacy > can you try to set " Also use the Anonymized IP addresses when enriching visits. " to NO

Then is the geo location working?


But how can you explain the same behaviour in my case? Without Anonymization it should work

I attach a screenshot of my Geolocation settings

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@Rhodungeon can you post a screenshot of the Visitor Log showing the IP addresses and the lack of geo location?


Hallo Matt,
I right now set “Also use the Anonymized IP addresses when enriching visits.” to NO and IN FACT NOW I SEE CITIES.
(Actually I did try that before posting the problem here, but I thought it didn’t work / or maybe I didn’t realize that it worked…). But now - it works.
The question now is:
Can I legally use this configuration in Germany?
Though the localization is not very accurate, I think my customer would be content with this solution, but we cannot expose ourselves to legal confrontations…
Thank You very much for helping, greetings from foggy Bavaria


Thanks for your attention

Here you are

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Hi there -

On this subject, does anyone know exactly what happens to the data if you do click no to the ‘Also use the Anonymized IP addresses when enriching visits’ question while still keeping overall anonymisation at 2 bytes ( please?

Would I be right in thinking that PIWIK will run the geolocation script on the full IPs first, and then anonymise the data and runs all other scripts?

If so, this would mean both that
anyone accessing the dashboards still has no access to the exact IP of users, and that
we are holding the full IP data for the extra time required to run these scripts but no longer, but that this presumably a matter of seconds

Have I got that right? It would be great if so - I’d be interested in knowing which cities people come from but after that would like to anonymise the data as soon as possible.

Thanks very much for any help anyone can offer here, best wishes-


(Matthieu Aubry) #12

if you do click no to the ‘Also use the Anonymized IP addresses when enriching visits’

then Piwik will use full IP address only for the purpose of geo location but will not store the IP anywhere


Hello all,

it seems that I have similar issue. I’m using GeoIP (PECL) and it’s installed properly:

[attachment 2153 piwik-1.png]

I’m using MaxMind commercial version for gathering data. The problem is, that it catches only on country level, leaving region and city as being unknown:

[attachment 2154 piwik-2.png]

It’s not showing anything else than country in the visitor map widget and real-time map is “failing” with status “There is no data for this report”.

[attachment 2155 piwik-3.png]

Few more words about config:

[li] Piwik version 2.9.1
[/li][li] Anonymize Visitors’ IP addresses is set to “no”
[/li][li] Regularly delete old visitor logs from the database is set to “yes” and it’s set to delete logs older than 6 days
[/li][li] Regularly delete old reports from the database is set to “no”
[/li][li] Cleaning is scheduled to delete old data every day
[/li][li] GeoIP DB is being updated every week
[/li][li] Archiving is successfully performed from the crontab on every hour