No 'INSERT INTO' Queries

I’ve just installed Matomo for the first time. To say the least the “5 minute” installation promoted has not materialized. I am now into this for about 12 hours of troubleshooting and becoming very frustrated.

The installation in and of itself appears to be successful. I’ve proceeded through the initial configuration steps and copy / pasted both the javascript & image code that should trigger a hit using the code provided by the dashboard.

After reviewing all relevant log files I couldn’t find an error explaining what was / wasn’t happening.

Then I enabled all query logging as described here. I’ve quickly found a problem.

Numerous “SELECT” queries are successful in what I perceive to be in preparation for recording hits to my web site and also in the dashboard for viewing the data (although I receive the prompt ’ No data has been recorded yet’).

What is conspicuously missing are the extreme lack of “INSERT INTO” queries that would begin to compile the usage of the web site.

I see in the access log where this should be triggered matching the logging of various SELECT queries in preparation for recording the hit. Is there a simple explanation & fix to actually start recording data?

The demo makes this look like an amazing statistical system. It is why I’ve stuck with it trying to find the problem. I am lost. I don’t know what else to do in order to start recording the hits.

Thank you.

  • Ron