No information showing in dashboard

I have place the generated script in each of my web pages just above the tag and I see nothing showing up in the dashboard (signed in as a user or super users dashboard).

I went to the database and the only thing I see getting updated with reocrds is piwik_achive_numeric_2011_01 & piwik_achive_numeric_2011_01.

Any thoughts on what I need to check or do?


Here is the page you can goto:

Here is the sript:

I am also seeing nothing in the Visitors in Real Time section

If you’re a HostGator user you have to either:

  • use tracker.setRequestMethod(‘POST’) in your tracking code, or
  • tell HostGator tech support to whitelist your domain from the mod_security rules.

Vipsoft - is one of your suggestions better than the other? Any differences in the benefit?

Either way…thanks for your response. I would have never thought it was my host that was causing this so I appreciate your time and help.


vipsoft -
I use hostgator.
I tried add in tracker.setRequestMethod(‘POST’) to my code (see below), but it did not work. So i got in touch with hostgator and basically wrote what you did about whitelisting…and within minutes done. Works like a champ. Again thanks for your time and efforts.


Your tracking code looks fine. The setRequestMethod(‘POST’) worked when I last tested on Hostgator. I can only presume HG changed their mod_security rules again. (Previously only affected GET requests.)