No Heatmaps or Session Recordings recorded

Hi Support,

We’re having issues with Heatmaps and Session Recordings on a Matomo Cloud installation:

“No page view has been recorded yet for this heatmap. If there are supposed to be recordings by now, maybe the page targets configured for this heatmap do not match any page on your website. It is also recommended to check the “System Check” under “Administration” (only Super Users) to see if your system is configured to automatically track Heatmaps.”

Pageview and event tracking is working as expected. I’ve also verified that the URLs used are correctly set up.

In the HeatmapSessionRecording settings we have ticked “Disable tracking by default” and have added the relevant ‘_paq.push([‘HeatmapSessionRecording::enable’]);’ in order to trigger the recording of Heatmaps.

Matomo is implemented via GTM such that OneTrust ignores the Matomo scripts.

What else can I do to debug this? Is it possible to verify the setup from your end? I have emailed support 5 days ago and have received no feedback (or even an email acknowledgement)


Hi @Kaveshan ,

Our support team has already replied to your request, please follow up with them through the support channel

Hi @Lewis_Wilyyy ,

Please review