No goals fired for pageviews with URL parameters

Hi guys,

I can’t figure out why this kind of goal isn’t being fired, when the visitor comes from tracked advertising traffic.

The matching criteria are:
The goal is triggered when visitors visit a given URL
where the URL is exactly

Basically, the page that I want to fire the goal for is our homepage. We run ads that lead the ad clickers directly to the homepage. We append several URL parameters to the landing page URL, like Google’s gclid, but also the usual UTM parameters (campaign, medium, source, content, term) as well as some parameters from Hubspot.

I added all of these URL parameters to the exclusion list, so that they don’t appear in the Behaviour reports. When I take a look at a visitor log (for a user coming from an ad), I see the URL stripped of any URL parameter.
But I suspect that Matomo still “sees” those URL parameters while checking for matching goal criteria, and thinks that each pageview with an URL parameter does not match that goal criteria mentioned above.

I created a second goal, where I specified that the URL has to contain and this lead to this second goal being fired for the advertising traffic.
So this probably proofs my suspicion.

Anyhow - how can I get rid of this issue? I don’t want to use separate goals for advertising traffic.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?
Thank you