No external links after update


Hi guys,
after my piwik update to 1.8.2 the clicks of external links are no longer tracked. not in “visitors” => “visitor log” and not in “actions” => “outlinks”

All other functions work perfectly. As always.

Is it a known error? Can somebody help me?


Well, now I know which links piwik doesnt track. => Affiliate links which are redirected with htaccess.
For example when I click on my created link 404 and this url is redirected by htaccess file to , piwik ignores this click.

Does anybody know why piwik doesnt track this and how to solve this problem?

Its very important for me…

Thanks in advance!

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Piwik only tracks links to external websites. if you want to track a link as an outlink it must be tagged with CSS class or you can call a JS function:


Hi Matt,
thanks for your help! Very useful, didnt know the piwik_link class.

Works great.