No external links after update

Hi guys,
after my piwik update to 1.8.2 the clicks of external links are no longer tracked. not in “visitors” => “visitor log” and not in “actions” => “outlinks”

All other functions work perfectly. As always.

Is it a known error? Can somebody help me?

Well, now I know which links piwik doesnt track. => Affiliate links which are redirected with htaccess.
For example when I click on my created link 404 and this url is redirected by htaccess file to , piwik ignores this click.

Does anybody know why piwik doesnt track this and how to solve this problem?

Its very important for me…

Thanks in advance!

Piwik only tracks links to external websites. if you want to track a link as an outlink it must be tagged with CSS class or you can call a JS function:

Hi Matt,
thanks for your help! Very useful, didnt know the piwik_link class.

Works great.