No ecommerce tracking since 2.13

Hi everyone!

I have a Magento installation and track ecommerce data. Everything worked fine until 2.13. Normal site tracking (visits etc.) still is no problem, but I have no data about the purchased items, no prices, no quantity nothing. The totally strange thing is, on another installation that I use for testing, I don’t have any problems. The used tracking codes are the same on both sites, I don’t see any difference.

Does anybody of you have a clue what changed in the 2.12 to 2.13 update that could have broken the ecommerce tracking?

I already copied/installed the .zip by hand, I even tried a brand new piwik installation with a new database but so far nothing helped.

Hi there,

but I have no data about the purchased items, no prices, no quantity nothing.

do you have any data at all tracked for your website?
is it only the ecommerce data that’s missing?

nothing should have changed causing this bug. Not sure what is wrong?


We are having exactly the same issues. Did you already find a solution for this?

Sir Miles


@matt: Sorry, for not responding, but yes, it is only the ecommerce data that is missing. Normal website tracking functions well.

@sirmilesbv: No, nothing has changed yet.

Hi Dsmr,

please feel free to create a bug report at; Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub so we make sure not to forget about your problem. Thanks

I’m on 2.14.3, and yes, no matter what code I used to send ecommerce data to piwit, there is no tracking. Normal web site pages are tracked.

Very strange.

The code submitted to Piwik is as follow:

This site has commerce enabled.

Apache log returns 204, which is expected.

What else is there for me to check? Please help!

I installed a new copy, and now the tracking is working.

When Piwik is run against PHP 5.3, it doesn’t work.

Under the new installation, PHP 5.4 is used.

May be others can try this.