No Data

I recently setup Piwik but still getting “No Data” for the Keywords, External Website, and Best Search Engines for both sites I’m tracking.

I thought the code looks correct in my sites at the bottom just above the BODY tag. What am I missing?


see Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Yes, the first thing I did was read the FAQ’s and Forum but the code looks right. What else should I check?

Any thoughts? I have 30+ clients I’d like to launch this reporting for but need to get it working right first.

Can someone help out???(:smiley:

I think some other Javascript on your page are causing a bu g- can you truy to put the code on a simple page with no JS I think it will work

The only other Javascript on Ausherman is Google Analytics. The drop downs work with DIV tags.

On my site I use Javascript for the drop down menus and mouseovers but I don’t have any Javascript on this page.

Please advise

Look at the site using firebug or similar.
The site calls the piwik javascript at, but gets a 403 Forbidden response !
You must not protect that directory by password!

The “stats” directory isn’t password protected. I just went to that link and it says "Piwik is a free open source web analytics alternative to Google analytics."

I see.
When you call piwik.php without the tracking parameters, it is normal that you see that text.
What is not normal is the 403 response when called with all parameters.

Just by trial and error: If I delete the url-parts from the parameters (http://www…), then it works.
As the error comes from Apache and not piwik, I suspect, there is an anti-hacking configuration in your .htaccess, that does not permit an url like

This is where you have to look.

I have the same problem and really annoying. I could also fix recently, helped me through what they have put here.

OK, I’ll contact support for my hosting company. What should I ask exactly?

Probably “disable or white list my domain for Mod_security rules”

Talked to my hosting support, they made some changes and the data is slowly starting to populate.

Thanks for help!!!:)-D