No data visible

I installed the latest version of Piwik without any errors, all checks OK, added a website and copied the javascript in the webpages.
Unfortunately I have no data in Piwik (reports or database).

There is also a Google analytics tracking in the pages which works fine, I can see relatime data in GA.
Access to piwik.php is OK, mod-security is not set,

If I add an ‘alert’ in the tracking code it is fired, so the webpage itself seems to be working fine.
If I trigger piwik.php from my browser with all the parameters it shows no errors, but still no data in the database. DB user for Piwik has al the privileges it needs.

Anybody any sugggestions what I am overlooking?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

please check FAQ: Piwik doesn't track any visits and pages, and shows "There is no data for this report" in all reports. - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Which I did before I posted the initial message. None of the issues in the faq are the cause of the problem.

Issue is fixed, the browser I used to test had a ‘do not track’ setting. Google Analytics does not respect that setting so I overlooked that. After changing the setting all seems to work well.