No data tracking after update to 8.0

After doing an auto update, no traffic is tracking for either of the two sites I set up. One was set up before the update, the other after.

I re uploaded all files from a downloaded copy of 8.0, deleted all database tables and went through the setup process again. I copied up the tracking tags for my two sites after the fresh reinstall but still no tracking.

I’ve tried hitting both sites from two different browsers on two different computers, each with a different internet connection. JS is enabled, the tags are correct and have the correct URL to the domain where Piwik is installed.

There is no data in the log table, only in the piwik_archive_numbers_xxx table that was created. There are no records in the piwik_logger_error table.

I’ve checked everything in the troubleshooting FAQ.

Any ideas?

PM the URL to your Piwik instance. I’ll take a quick look.