No data to report - caused by 301 redirect


Hello. I was hoping someone could help me as I’ve read all the troubleshooting relating to the ‘no data to report’ message.

I first set up Piwik a year ago and half way through migrated it into an SSL only website but never used force_ssl. I used .htaccess to redirect all traffic on port 80 to SSL via a 301 Move Permanently redirect.

Only today have I realised keywords, pages, titles, etc have not been reported and this is because Piwik has been making port 80 requests (when a visitor visits the website) and the .htaccess has been rewriting those requests to be SSL. I thought this should have been OK however it seems that nothing has been reported.

I still have the entire archive but unfortunately when I re-processed the archive it did not fix the issue.

Does anyone know of a way how to fix this if the data such as pages, keywords, referrers, etc is still in the archive?

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the redirect is the problem see last point in Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Have I lost all the data during this period?

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You should have lost only the referrer information, because the redirect was incorrect sorry…


Hi. I have lost everything important but the hits themselves such as page titles, keywords, referers, even the live tracking only tracked ‘direct entries’ and not subsequent pages, download clicks and outbound clicks.

Is there a way I could ‘check’ to see if the archive has anything? I’m really concious as to why its lost all data.

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You lost the data because the redirect is incorrect. See: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Check that the Piwik domain name in your Javascript tracking code is correct (this URL is in the second line of the Piwik tracking code).
There have been cases of missing referrers when the Piwik JS code in the pages points to a URL that returns a 302 response instead of the final destination. It seems that some webserver compromise the tracking request when such redirects occur. Check in particular if the URL (doesn't) contains "www.". Also, if the server does an automatic redirection from http to https which also affects tracking requests to piwik.php, it might create problems such as missing referer data. Make such any http->https redirection excludes piwik.php requests.