No data showing in dashboard, database

I’ve got piwik installed on two separate LAMP servers. neither seems to be collecting data. one install is using the mediawiki plugin, the other the wordpress plugin and gallery2 (w/ the js code).

how can i determine where the breakdown is - is it the plugins not configured correctly, or is the piwik install itself messedup? i tried running the ‘generateVisits.php’ but it never returned anything, nor did it seem to load any data into the db.

i’ve got the piwik aliased, if it matters, so it’s in like /usr/share/piwik then i have a line in my httpd.conf like ‘Alias /piwik /usr/share/piwik’

i look through my apache logs and i don’t see any calls to piwik (other then my logins) that i can tell.

any ideas? any more information i can provide?

Use something like Fiddler or Charles to sniff the HTTP traffic and see if you are getting HTTP status code 200 from your tracking URLs…