No data is recorded after new installation

Hello all :slight_smile:

I have just created a new installation, inserted the script into our temporary index.html (since the site is under construction), but to no avail. I had several other Piwik installation in the past and usually once the tracking code is added to a page all is fine.

I must add that this site is using cloudflare.

mod_cloudflare is properly installed and the Rocket Loader is set to off.


Thank you for any assistance!

Hello, @Adrian

I looked into but I couldn’t find the tracking code. What website are you talking about?

Hi Lukas

The website is under construction, the script installed just a dummy script. We had the issue with an installation on our localhost server. Since we couldn’t sort it out and the client is pushing for us to finalise, we have switched to OWA. However, we have installed PIWIK a few more times for other clients without any issues.

Thanks for contacting us,